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the last couple of weeks have been so random and emotionally… - hey there delilah

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March 14th, 2006

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04:03 pm
the last couple of weeks have been so random and emotionally draining. one day i am incredibly happy and the next i am laying in bed not wanting to ever move. today was the perfect example. i woke up in a good mood (its the alarm i set) and then first hour orlando totally killed my good morning with his ignorant and bigot conversation. i know he is definitely going to NOT do his part of the project and entirely screw my group over. i am so aggrivated by him. outside of class, he is a great kid. i just cannot stand him being in my group.

the rest of the day was decent and now i am talking to joey. He comes home Mayb 11th and is probably not moving back to Arizona. This boy completely baffles me. The entire time we dated he rarely said i love you and then he moves to a different state and all of a sudden confesses his love to me, after we have been broken up for 11 months. this is absolutely insane. i dont even know what to make of it.

anyway, i sent in my orientation information to Iowa. Hopefully I get one of the dates I chose. I am going out there with my mom April 14th to do the whole campus tour thing. I am getting really nervous. I cried the other night as I was filling a bunch of paperwork out. At the very least I will be three and a half hours away from my best friend. It is all still very odd to me. I won't look over every single day and see Jill sitting next to me. I won't hit speed dial 2 every day and be like "I am leaving my house. See you in ten." I am scared. nervous. excited. and a part of me gets a bit sadder every day.

growing up is not supposed to be this hard. I guess I have to trust everything will be okay.

what if i don't like it out there?
im hungry. i need a nap too.
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: cascada

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Date:March 16th, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)
um who are you oh wise one

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